Unique and seducing designed vending machines for Capsule Toy. Small size vending, which is suitable for small space like stationery shop / restaurant / Private hospital etc. Interesting candy dropping system that consumers are very curious to see how the candies are dropped from the vending. (This helps to increase the sales of candies)


  • Vending + some game function.
  • Easy to play for everybody even kids.
  • Not heavy and easy to set to the place due to the wheel on the bottom.
  • Any kinds of coin & bill accepted.
  • Funny music support to catch the eyes from the consumers.
  • Short time for playing and many peoples can try in short time.
  • LED lighting

Technical Specifications

SIZE: 480 X 410 X 1230(mm) / POWER: AC 110~ 220V free. DC 12V / Weight: 48kg